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Public gateway is rate limited to 10 requests per minute and a max file size of 5MB

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Distance Equals Speed

A global network at your fingertips

Our IPFS gateways have been deployed to hundreds of edge nodes across the earth. Meaning when you make a request for a resource, we start searching for it in less that 10 milliseconds.

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Dedicated IPFS network

Once the request is underway, it's routed to the closest node in a dedicated IPFS network to quickly find the resource no matter where its stored.


  • 20k requests per month
  • 20GB IPFS Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cache reads
  • Unlimited file size
  • No rate limit
$9/ per month
  • 200k requests per month
  • 100GB IPFS Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cache reads
  • Unlimited file size
  • No rate limit
$39/ per month
Pro Plus
  • 2m requests per month
  • 500GB IPFS Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cache reads
  • Unlimited file size
  • No rate limit
$79/ per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IPFS?

IPFS stands for the InterPlanetary File System, and is a peer-to-peer network consisting of hundreds of thousands of IPFS nodes, each storing files that are discoverable by any other node.
This makes all files stored on IPFS public and available to anyone anywhere on earth.

Why is IPFS slow?

When a request for a file is received by an IPFS node, that node then needs to ask the other nodes it's connected to where it can find the file. If none of those nodes know where the file is, they then need to ask their connected nodes, and so on until the file is found.
When in a network of tens or hundreds of nodes, this is a fast discovery process. However, when requesting a file that is stored in China, from a node in New York, the request could pass through hundreds of thousands of nodes to find the file. This is extremely slow.
For images, many stored on IPFS are very large, high-resolution images. Further, increasing the time until the file is downloaded, especially if it is stored halfway around the world.

How is Super IPFS so fast?

Super IPFS takes a 2 layer approach, with added smarts to ensure the least amount of 'hops' happen on the network to find the file requested.
First, the request is picked up by the closest node to you running on the edge. We have deployed to hundreds of nodes across the world to ensure the request starts processing as fast as possible (usually in less than 10 milliseconds).
Then, the request is routed to an IPFS node that is in a dedicated network of IPFS nodes across the globe, effectively shortcutting the discovery of the file from thousands of hops, to a handful before entering the public IPFS network from the closest possible location to the file.
Once the file is drawn from the public IPFS network, it is cached in a global CDN-like cache that allows for near-instant discovery of the file on subsequent requests.

Why is this needed?

IPFS gateways are great for grabbing images and other files from IPFS without having to run your own IPFS node.
However, many are slow, and rate limited, causing user experience to suffer. To combat this, many projects/websites implement their own infrastructure to cache the data they need from IPFS and serve it to their users in a centralized manner.
This process is usually very slow and costly to create, and costly to maintain.
Super IPFS offers a solution to this problem by providing you with a generic solution to this problem that can be dropped into any project or website without any custom configuration.

How do i get started?

For testing it out, you can simply construct a URL in your browser that points to:<your ipfs cid or path>
For premium plans, sign up to create an account. Once logged in, you will be able to manage your premium subscription, settings, and see your usage.
Access your premium endpoint will be accessible via:<your ipfs cid or path>?key=<my api key>

What is OnChainPixels?

OnChainPixels is an NFT collection that aims to create utilities like Super IPFS and many more to make the crypto eco-system more accessible to everyone.
In doing so, the majority of revenue accrued by these tools and apps will distributed back to OnChainPixels holders, along with giving holders free access to the tools.
OnChainPixels aims to create a community of like-minded people that help create an ecosystem of tooling that allows all holders to benefit and create awesome, long-lasting contributions to the NFT and crypto space.
We all lift together

How can I get support?

Formal support can be handled via the contact us page. Informal and community support (this is usually faster) is currently handled via the OnChainPixels discord.